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Warranty policy

  • The products sold by come with a warranty of 24 months for individuals and 12 months for legal entities.
  • For extended warranties offered by Equipment Manufacturers, please refer to their terms and conditions.
  • The warranty period is calculated from the date the customer takes possession of the goods.
  • Warranty service is provided free of charge at the supplier’s headquarters on business days. Bringing the product into conformity will be primarily achieved through product repair, within a maximum of 15 calendar days from the date the consumer, as the case may be, notified the seller of the non-conformity of the product or handed the product over to the seller or to the person designated by the seller.
  • The downtime due to non-compliance within the warranty period extends the legal warranty of conformity and the commercial warranty period and shall run, as the case may be, from the moment the seller was notified of the non-compliance of the product or from the moment the product was presented to the seller/service unit until the product is brought back to normal use, and respectively, until written notification is provided for the product pickup. 
  • During the warranty period, the Supplier will entirely cover the cost of labor and replacement parts solely for the purpose of addressing manufacturing defects.


Your obligations

  • In order to benefit from the warranty, the invoice and the warranty certificate must be presented. The product must be accompanied by all accessories with which it was purchased and delivered.
  • The customer must maintain the integrity of the seals of the seller/manufacturer and those of the entity performing service operations.
  • Power supply should only be from a grounded electrical network and within the tolerance limits specified by the manufacturer. Only original wiring elements of the equipment will be used. The instructions for using the equipment, as per the technical guidelines provided by the seller or the entity performing service operations, will be strictly followed. The customer will keep the documentation received with the equipment throughout the entire warranty period.
  • We recommend that the product be accompanied by the original packaging to ensure the integrity of the product during transportation.


What Will Void a Warranty?

  • In the case of thermal, mechanical, and plastic damage to the product resulting from accidents, vibrations, weather conditions, negligence in use, or other factors beyond the control of the Manufacturer.
  • The product is used in inappropriate conditions (e.g., incorrect power supply voltage, lack of or improper grounding, exposure to chemicals, pollutants, smoke, dust, or moisture, etc.).
  • Failure to comply with the instructions for use or installation provided by an unauthorized ANRE (National Energy Regulatory Authority) company.
  • Use of batteries, power sources, or accessories other than those produced, approved, or recommended by the Manufacturer.
  • The original state of the product is altered through unauthorized interventions.
  • Repairs made to remedy defects arising from the above-excluded reasons will be subject to additional costs for spare parts, labor, and transportation, agreed upon in advance with the Consumer.
  • Normal wear and tear of the products (e.g., physical, mechanical, and electrical wear, gradual decrease in brightness of monitor screens over time) is not covered by the warranty.


Products with physical defects such as impacts, cracks, chips, burned or cracked components/parts, etc., as well as products with damaged, removed, or modified warranty labels or seals, are not covered by the warranty. Also, products used/exploited in inappropriate conditions (inadequate power supply voltages, exposure to large temperature and pressure variations (according to the technical specifications of the equipment), mechanical shocks, incorrect handling, use of products in conditions of humidity, dust, pollutants, or exposure to chemical substances, etc.), incorrect settings and installations, ungrounded sockets, the entry of liquids, metals, or other substances inside the devices, and mechanical or plastic intervention on the products are not covered by the warranty.