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Solar panels cleaning and maintenance
Clean PV panels provide maximum energy, so the solar panel must be professionally cleaned and then protected!

Clean PV panels provide maximum energy, so the solar panel must be professionally cleaned and then protected!

One of the main causes of the loss of efficiency of photovoltaic panels is dirt. Photovoltaic panels get dirty for multiple reasons, the most common being: dust, smog, ash, pollen, resins, plant elements, bird/bat droppings, mold, pesticides, insects, pollution, etc., reducing the performance of photovoltaic panels between 10% and up to 60%, compared to those systematically cleaned with softened water, which perfectly cleans dirty surfaces.

The rain is not enough to keep the photovoltaic panels clean, the rain carries residues and smog, so the deposits are perpetual and lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the panels.

Below are some of the benefits of our cleaning system:

• Uses 100% purified and demineralized water;
• No detergents or harmful chemicals;
• Minimum water consumption (0.5 liters for the panel);
• Significant impact on the efficiency of photovoltaic panels;
• If there is no water source nearby, we provide you with our professional cleaning laboratories, equipped with professional cleaning systems, water basin, power generator, specific accessories, etc.

Leave your investments in good hands! Entrust the cleaning of photovoltaic panels to an experienced team!

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